Pitched into the turbulence of the pandemic, finding the incentive to keep going is never going to be easy. The everyday issues that become problems, the challenges that become stressful. These are often a normal part of office life and everyone jollies along, doing their best. Then plonk! Along comes something that feels catastrophic. Life as it used to be known has come to a grinding halt. The shutters go down. Things get boarded up. Sorry, no entry. Instead of rubbing shoulders, colleagues give each other a wide berth. Zoom in everyone!

Sprinkle in apathy

Cooking up the inspiration to cope with all this and to overcome the sinking feeling that you are not coping at all, can fill the most optimistic person with dread. Forget the cooking, reach for the ready meal. Keep things simple, you tell yourself. It will all be over by Christmas.

The problem with this muddle-along approach is that it lacks any kind of hope. You have already given in and given up. You cling to the notion that if you just keep quiet, and toddle along, things will soon be okay. Hopefully, the workforce will behave themselves. Most of them are tucked away at home, working in their pyjamas; they will be happy. Nothing horrible will jump onto you that you have to deal with.

Hope opens doors

As a manager or leader your remit should be to act by example. One of your primary tasks is to fire up people with hope, not sink into the mȇlée of confusion. Negativities offer opportunities. Negative energy carries huge strength. It is simply being wasted. Rally the team, pull together, transform negative energy into a hotbed of positive force. Inject hope.

Hope can be generated in many ways. Diversify. This is the number one element for any company when things are looking bleak. Do things differently. Be optimistic. Change your mindset. It is easy to grumble and lose focus. And lose hope.

Giving out an uplifting message lifts the workforce. Atmosphere changes. Carry positive hope in your pocket, it will enable you to have a more confident outlook on life. It will give you the strength to face tough situations. And the post-pandemic recovery will be tough. Hope will offer a vital compass for businesses to find new and innovative direction across the shifting terrain.

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