You know the feeling. You are stuck. You try to convince yourself you are happy, you can cope. You refuse to believe that life could possibly be better. If only…

 Cover up. Wearing a mask has never been more appropriate. We can hide behind it…and pretend. We do not have to worry about that scary word, Courage.

 But at some mind-freezing point in our lives, we all need to jump. And fear loves it when you begin trembling at the thought of changing your life.

 Fear thrives on control, of you.

 Like a slobbering dog, you give in to it. Safer by far to keep deluding yourself. And fear relishes the thought of delusion. You have not got a hope of changing anything now.

 Except that unhappiness and disillusionment persist, bubbling beneath the terrible fear that threatens to gobble you up whole. It will not even bother to spit out the bits.

 Detaching yourself from familiar ground and taking a leap into the unknown void that lies ahead conjures up dark, risky images, jeopardising what you already have. Better to be grateful and stay put.

 Part of the problem lies in focusing on obstacles, too terrified the reward will not be worth it. But the fear of doing nothing is full of panic. Carry on clinging. Confidence sinks. Growth and achievement evaporate. Tension mounts. All that grows is vulnerability.

 How to find the courage

 Working with an executive coach is one of the best ways of nurturing courage, and it requires action. It is individual and personal. It requires commitment, terrible word.

 Your coach will support you in unearthing the right answers to the right questions and turning these into meaningful steps. Because the quality of your courage will be in the quality of your questions.

 Once you have pin-pointed a focus for making changes to your life, your coach will help you to manage courage. The risk factors can be examined, together with ways of sustaining the will to overcome fear of these.

 A coach can provide the inspiration for goal setting, as well as discover what is preventing you from taking the leap that terrifies you so much. Why is it so fearful and how can you overcome this fear?

 Get in touch

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