Change yourself

Change one Person

Change the World


Executive Coach

My coaching approach is tailored to the unique needs of the individual using different models for my client to deliver results in a goal attainment format.

As a coach within organisational scope, I assist my clients and team to discover a better harmony in their business and professional, personal and social environment. Openness and Authenticity are my core values on which I leaver to enable commitment to real change. I’m convinced that transformation happens through realistic achievable goals and excitement in the learning process. I appreciate first-hand the complexity of leadership in cultures and environments that differ from culture of origins, as well as navigating between global standards and local practice.

My Coaching Specialty includes


• Executive Coaching • Business Coaching • Transitional Coach
• Corporate/Business Coaching • Team/Group Coaching
• Youth and Family Coach/Mentorship • Women Leadership
• Leadership Coaching • Career Transition • Career Coaching
• Group Coaching • Stress Management Coaching • Breakthrough Coach


• Personal effectiveness at work (career coaching)
• Workshops with colleagues and or other companies
• Workshop and event host


• Learn more about yourself and your ambitions
• Make key decisions
• Find new paths forward
• Solve problems
• Learn to cope
• Change how you are and what you do
• Vision and Values


Keynote Speaker

Event Host

Eric’s has worked many years within the financial services industry as a team leader and also CEO of EM Brokerage Group and Principal for the British Protocol Academy- an Etiquette School base in London. As director he understands the challenge that faces decision makers on daily basis.

Eric’s has also hosted conferences and events, acting as a facilitator and interviewing guests on stage for organisations such asThe British House of Commons and various local and international television. Eric brings life back into the workplace by connecting people to the heart and mission of the organisation through laughter while celebrating each person.