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Protocol Academy

As a powerful and enigmatic keynote speaker, Eric effortlessly inspires and uplifts his audience, taking them on a journey to remember. Always in tune with each audience, he engages and motivates with often uncanny and intuitive insight.

His unsurpassed speciality is demonstrating simple charm and elegance, whilst being renowned for his persuasive and enlightening presentational and coaching skills.

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Displaying good manners and knowing how to behave is an essential part of showing respect when engaging with others

What People Are Saying

Why Learn About Etiquette?

Understanding the protocols of British etiquette is not something to pick up from a brief glance through a magazine, nor is it to be derided as a whim.

From being on time, what you wear and how to eat, to conversational skills, when to leave your phone alone and more, it is important to get it right

Why Choose Us?

Displaying good manners and knowing how to behave is an essential part of showing respect when engaging with others.

When you possess the skills to act in the correct manner in social and business situations, the impact on your confidence is significant. Training with professionals equips you for life.

Why Work With Us?

Being influential and successful requires knowledge of the strict rules which govern social and business interaction in British society.

You will gain immense benefit from being at ease with the protocols of acceptable and polite ways to act. Authentic demonstration is the key to learning how to perform with elegance.

The British Protocol
Academy Philosophy

At the British Protocol Academy, we offer courses of varying lengths, from 2-3 hours to 5 days, on the core elements of modern etiquette:

  • Personal Etiquette
  • Personal Etiquette
  • Children and Youth Etiquette
  • Social and Business Protocol
  • Cultural Enhancement and Hospitality
  • Train the Trainer
  • Coach and Public Speaking

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