The British Protocol Academy was born out of my upbringing from a humble home, like they say, “charity begins at home”, my late mother, “Lady Joanna”, was an influence in my life and she instilled this mantra into myself and my siblings, a simple basic manner like saying thank you or no thank you, please, pardon, these basic principles mould you to who you become as a person. 

The sense of etiquette came back to reality and thus The British Protocol Academy was born. It is my heartful delight and the joy to see that we can practice just a basic manner every day in our lives. 

Eric Francis Manu is a Ghanaian born/British entrepreneur, speaker, husband with two children, a professional who is a warm and truly engaging presenter to watch. Eric is fresh, friendly and professional; his work varies from being a keynote speaker to hosting various award ceremonies and events for world-renowned brands and organisations. 

He has spoken on international platforms including the FIFA Ethics Regulation Watch, China Britain Trade Expo, and a keynote speaker at the House of Lords and an  International Award Winner.

Eric graduated from the University of Cambridge studying professional coaching, an executive leadership coach on Board-level, C-Suite, Group Coaching, Inspirational speaker who has spoken across the world, and hosts live events. 

He holds many positions – Africa Advisor for FIFA Ethics Regulation Watch, Vice Dean for Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (SICD), School Governor and Trustee and represents other organisations as Non-Executive Director. 

Eric brings a philosophy that transcends into our daily life; Change yourself, change one person, change the world.
“By changing yourself, you can help someone else make changes, and in so doing, change the world. You are planting a seed that will never die, a seed that continues forever”.  

Eric’s vision and goals for the school is to inspire as many people as possible, whether in family or corporate settings, or with students, young people and children. We love to educate leaders in any generation or age bracket and from anywhere in the world. We aim to help every student, young or old, to learn the basic elements of good manners.  

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