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Eric Francis Manu

As a powerful and enigmatic keynote speaker, Eric effortlessly inspires and uplifts his audience, taking them on a journey to remember. Always in tune with each audience, he engages and motivates with often uncanny and intuitive insight. His unsurpassed speciality is demonstrating simple charm and elegance, whilst being renowned for his persuasive and enlightening presentational and coaching skills. Eric has spoken at major events, including The FIFA Conference in London and The UK China Trade Expo, The UK-China Youth Federation Conference, as well as at The House of Commons. He is a member of the Council of Advisors for the FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch (FERW), working as an independent advisor to FIFA.

Dr Xi Yu PhD, PMP

Dr Xi Yu PhD, PMP
Chairman/Board of Director

Dr Xi Yu is an elegant lady who holds a PhD in one of the best Doctoral Training Centre in the UK in collaboration with University of Oxford. She has been working in Global 500 companies as project manager and a team leader. Dr Yu is well trained in British classic etiquette. She has over 14 years experience representing her companies attending business events and conferences.

HRH Princess Katarina
Patron- Etiquette Coach

Her Royal Highness, Princess Katarina, cousin of Prince William and Henry, is the patron of The British Protocol Academy, Her Royal Highness also teaches on the course for our high-level clientele, some of her programmes are; Ladies Etiquette, British Protocol, Children and young Etiquette, the Royal Afternoon Tea and many more. Princess Katarina is a member of two Royal Dynasties. She is a member of The British Royal Family and The Serbian Royal Family. HRH Princess Katarina is actively involved in supporting many charitable causes.
Photo of Countess Elena Felice De Bacci

Countess Elena Felice De Bacci
Patron and Etiquette Coach

Descendant of Russian Nobility from Kursk Region dated to 18th century recognition to Tzar's decree of reward missile manufacturers Family of Chistyakov, later Medical Scientists. Parents are Russian intelligence: Mother - Silver Medal Bearer of Physic and Mathematic Science, Doctor od Pediatric, singer.

Laura Ceccherini-Windsor
Etiquette Coach

Laura Windsor is widely regarded as one of the UK’s most trusted authority on etiquette and protocol.  Laura trained in London under a former member of The Royal Household of Her Majesty the Queen and was educated at Downe House, the same private school as Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge.

Bless Damba
Etiquette Coach

Bless Damba’s passion for fashion and style was developed from a young age. His father always insisted he look his best when he stepped out of the house. Rocked in suits, he stood out from the crowd in Sabbath school at church. As he grew up, friends and family started asking him for advice and tips. He realised then that he was destined for
Photo of Li Yun Xia (Irena)

Li Yun Xia (Irena)
Coach & Head of North America- Los Angelas

Li Yun Xia becomes the latest person to join onboard of the British Protocol Academy, Head of the United States of America, (North America). Li Yun Xia has extensive experience in the business and etiquette industry. She possesses seven years of experience in the Business Development field in the Telecommunications industry.
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Parveen Rani
Associate Partner -Etiquette Coach-India

Parveen Rani is a prominent entrepreneur, educationalist and social activist in England. She geared her career towards the field of Education in 2012 having been appointed as the Director and Vice Principal of “London College of Business Sciences”. Additionally, she also took on the role of Director and the Governor in several different educational institutions of UK.

Almasa Alunni
Associate Partner -Etiquette Coach-Dubai

“Amazing Almasa” is a global citizen, solopreneur businesswoman, with a natural talent for smoothly blend and communicating cultural differences. A seasoned PR Elite networker with an outstanding unique style, she excels in connecting the dots backward and forward. A well-recognized brand strategist and mentor, she offers bespoke advisory services supported by 4 decades of professional experience in Lifestyle and Luxury.
Karina picture

Princess Karina Bagration
Etiquette Coach-

Princess Karina Bagration, PhD (also known as H.E.Princess Karina Bagration) is the Rector and Co- Founder of Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy. With more than 20 years teaching and scientific experience at university level, Karina has made a name for herself in the field of humanities.