How executive coaching offers support in uncertain times

Covid 19 has arrived as an unwelcome global force. More specifically it has sent a missile juddering through the jobs market. In the firing line and absorbing the shock waves, are the once happy band of workers. Like bees suddenly ousted from their playful hive, where sociability and structure were once sacrosanct, many are now buzzing about the place, utterly bewildered.

By ‘workers’ we mean male and female company execs, managers, directors, and leaders, administrators, receptionists, secretaries, and the ‘man’ on the shop floor. At worst, they are facing redundancy, at best a lowered sense of morale.

Who can blame them? When fatigue permeates a company, it does not bring with it a goody bag stuffed full of comfort. From top to bottom, without a care for whom it hits, a lowering of confidence starts to pervade the atmosphere…and it is palpable. From here, it can go rapidly downhill, leading directly to issues of lowered workplace engagement, falling productivity levels, lack of motivation, staff absenteeism, even a dread of going into work. As unhappiness prevails, communication channels splinter and break down. All too often, this chain of events reaches the customer, the most important person in any business.

Executive coaching is a way to reverse this. Nurturing a focus on resilience is just one of the ways where a coach can support, helping individuals to identify their best qualities and strengths. By strengthening the pillars of self-awareness and care, mindfulness, positive communication and purpose, the resulting improved relationships with colleagues can have a remarkable effect on raising productivity levels. Self-confidence increases which drives motivation and boosts performance.

A professional coach working with executives will focus more on goals, reality, options, and a way forward (GROW) in a structured coaching session. After identifying key priorities, your coach can define specific goals with the actions required to deliver a logical and effective result and achieve the desired outcome.

The Covid crisis has engulfed the world. As we struggle to wonder how we can contribute and what is our place, this is a time when coaching has never been so important. It offers a valuable means of helping to reorientate and progress, instead of blundering along, just coping.

If you would like coaching support to help you succeed in a difficult world, whether life coaching, b2b or individual support as an employee or sole trader, please get in touch for an initial free 30minute consultation:

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