Photo of Countess Elena Felice De Bacci

Countess Elena Felice De Bacci

Father is Russian architect from Siberia, life-long main head of building and constructing in Siberia, Far East and Moscow, Art collector, with large history knowledgeability. Grand Dad is Orders and Medals Bearer of 4 wars of the 20th century.

Education: Psychology and TV Journalism

Earlier life: Grand Prix for Young Writers Competition. Debut on Radio in 1985. TV program Ways to Success.

Countess involve in humanitarian activity includes supporting people in need, propaganda of cultural and historical projects, talents promotion, media projects as good-will ambassador. Her active friendship with many cultural presenters from art, music, literature, fashion and with human-oriented government figures, authorities and diplomats, nobilities. Constant activity to strengthen the influence of the noble class. Participating in events for peace.