Bless Damba

Inspired by classic gentleman looks, the London-based stylist has mastered the art of both menswear and womenswear, drawing his inspiration from Europe and Africa, with a modern twist. He has a firm understanding of patterns, cut, colour, texture and a keen eye for fashion trends.

With a neck for understanding what looks good on people of all shapes and sizes, Bless knows what works best for clients’ body types as well as their personalities. As a qualified Personal Stylist certified by The Stylist London (TSL), he credits his knowhow to time spent training with Lady Isobel Kershaw in menswear and womenswear.

With a unique eye for detail and style, Mr Damba’s motivation is to help people make their first impression in any situation. His infectious energetic and outgoing personality helps to create a productive and fun styling experience for clients as he naturally makes them feel at ease.
What drives him is the confidence his clients exude after going through each styling session with him. His goal is to leave each client feeling confident and empowered.