Ladies Etiquette

In today’s world women play a challenging and varied role across the workplace and society. As such our Lady’s Etiquette programme covers a vast range of valuable techniques and tools enabling women to carry themselves with grace, style and poise within any social interaction.

Society demands a lot from the modern woman and ideals which may be perceived as traditional or old fashioned are exactly what can help to stand out or overcome common social challenges.

Within a Lady’s Etiquette programme, we educate and instruct within first impressions, dress and fashion, manners, and politeness across all social environments

Sometimes, the professionals within your team may be qualified, experienced and competent in their roles but try as you might to identify it, an essential ingredient seems to be missing, that elusive element that will help to make them shine.  That elusive element is called social polish. Social polish is the level of ease a professional feels in interactions with others, how adept they are at making conversation and the confidence they have in anticipating, approaching and resolving needs. A professional with social polish has a poised demeanour in every situation and it is this attitude and way of behaving that reassures their clients, customers and colleagues that the professional is both in control and capable.

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