men Etiquette

Being a gentleman isn’t about what you do, or what you wear, it’s about how you behave and who you are.

 The world today seems to applaud laddish behaviour and true gentlemen are becoming more of a rarity. Social standing and success seem to be based upon what you own and what you wear rather than how you carry yourself through life and what you have achieved.

Our vision and goals for the first-ever Men’s etiquette programme to educate men about some of the basic behaviour, finding the right dress code for any occasion, be confident in the board room, preparing for business performance, sales pitch, the 5-second rule of the elevator pitch, behaviour towards peers and how to offer your seat on public transport.

A gentleman finds value in something according to its history and its story, often finding beauty in something he has owned for many years or something with great sentimental value.

Men Course

He holds chivalry and politeness in great regard. He holds the door for people, he gives up his seat, he takes off his coat to a lady on a cold evening, he still believes in these now old-fashioned actions, even though the world has changed somewhat.

Do gentlemen still have a place in today’s world? And if so, what are the attributes that go together to make a true gentleman? A gentleman is not restricted by limits. He doesn’t understand the words “that cannot be done”. He does not give up. When faced with challenges, he finds solutions, works harder, works smarter.

He strives and pushes the boundaries of everything he does. He is aware of his attributes and limitations but continually strives to improve.

He is in control, but not afraid to learn and accept advice, and is respectful of others while taking full responsibility for everything, calmly. He inspires people and leads by example.

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