Almasa Alunni

Multilingual communicator by essence, Almasa is a French Catholic with Italian roots absolutely passionate by cultural diversity and Cuisine. As a Style Influencer very keen on the Arabic civilisations and trends, she has traded her prior French name to Almasa (meaning diamond in Arabic) to align with the local environment when moving to Dubai in 2013. She is currently developing “ATWAbyAlmasa’’, her own line of jewellery based on sending a resilient message advocating Tolerance, from the UAE to the world.

Prior to Dubai, Almasa was living in Cannes since 1980 as a PR and business facilitator, dealing with foreign companies & assisting Elite VIP clients in Media, Communication and High-end Tourism Lifestyle sector.  This includes 25 years in the Mega Yachts industry in diverse roles such as Charter and Sale broker, Concierge services & DIBS sole agent.

Almasa runs her own boutique consultancy management agency, Consulting, focusing on social impact projects with a humanitarian dimension aiming to build a better tomorrow. As exploring the MENA region since 1994, she offers to share her wealth of  sophisticated knowledge of the local market with brands and partners for innovative concepts related to cross-culture and giving back to the community in diverse  sectors of Lifestyle,  F&B, Fashion, Jewellery, Environment, supported by a solid networking portfolio of top notch key decision makers either private, governmental or institutional gained over 40 years of intensive Elite networking within the MENA region & Europe, as travelling extensively since 2005 to scrutinise both markets.

Almasa is also a professional simultaneous interpreter in French & English, speaks fluent conversational Italian & Spanish and studies Arabic. More than the language, her connecting tool is to share the culture of these nations and places the human factor as a key role. She listens carefully to the client’s expectation to provide a bespoke answer for the perfect mix and match result.  Almasa holds an MBA on International Commerce and a Diploma in Specialized English.

Intuitive, strategic with strong negotiating skills, she handles highly confidential deals to assists International brands and individual peers in diverse segments development.  Almasa strongly contributes to the women empowerment as a sought-after keynote speaker and mentor.  In March 2017 she has received the Shoukran Trophy award from the Dubai Business Women Council as its Contributing Ambassador and has also been appointed Humanitarian Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) for the UAE since 2018.