family & children Etiquette

It’s vital children learn proper manners so that they have success socially and in the professional world, as such, our children’s programme is customised to meet the needs of schools, clubs and parents.

The children’s and teenager’s programmes are designed to prepare young people for the world ahead through instilling the social skills and knowledge necessary to build strong self-esteem and delightful confidence in their new surroundings.

Within this programme, there will be ample opportunity for children to ask questions in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and light refreshments will be provided in the 8-11 year old classes to enable the children to practice their new English dining etiquette skills.

Social, dining, presentation and communication skills for children will lay solid foundations for a happier, confident, more secure and successful future. Grant your child the gift that will enrich their lives and help them to manage scholastic, social and family situations with poise, grace and greater self-assurance.

During our various social skills and etiquette classes, we also believe that teaching children good values, manners and awareness at a young age, will ensure that valuable lessons are remembered and used when growing up and into adulthood.

Children&family course

Children today are overwhelmed with confusing messages from the media, their peers and adults. As such it is increasingly difficult for them to establish their own values and they drift toward the behaviour that surrounds them the most.

Increased self-esteem allows children to deal with difficult situations with greater confidence whether it be in social relationships, dealing with family members or even school or neighbourhood bullies. The course is challenging, enjoyable and very popular with our young graduates.

The interactive teaching methods and practical application of the information learned help to mould a more positive character and deliver a valuable and unforgettable experience.

This programme also covered social, dining, presentation and communication skills for children to lay solid foundations for a happier, confident, more secure and successful future. This also enables children to understand what is expected of them in any given social situation, fostering a sense of security and confidence, thus enabling children to cherish each stage of their lives as lessons and knowing that making mistake is part of life.

This course offers your child the tools to be confident in their surroundings, their social life and able to speak in public with a confident approach.

This programme is ideal for any family planning to migrate to the UK and are looking to boost their confidence upon arrival and experience the quintessential way to spend a leisurely few hours in one of the city’s most beautiful establishments.

This also teaches children how best to present school work; during the course, we will identify each child weakness and strength and how we can develop them in their way of life.  

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