dinning Etiquette

When you think of the dining, you might think of the restaurant dinning, the Queen and royal ways or, wives of great business leaders or perhaps movie stars preparing for a great feast, however the reality is that anybody can be a great dinning host, this is not a prerequisite for being a great hostess. What is important is that the great hostess understands and practices the same golden rules… planning, preparation and consideration for her guests.

There are important fundamental principles that must be followed. These are essentially the same regardless of your country or culture. The final goal is to ensure that your guests have the best possible experience. You are not hosting the event for your personal benefit; it is for the benefit of your guests.

Being a great Hostess is an art and a science. It is an art because it requires imagination, originality, relevance and it should leave a positive memory with the audience (your guests). It is a science because the golden secrets of being a Great hostess can be learned and applied in any situation with success.

The Dining programme is presented by one of the royal family members, who will share these essential secrets with you and provide proven systems and processes to ensure that the event you are planning is delivered with confidence, quality and elegance.

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