Children’s and Young Etiquette

Social, dining, presentation and communication skills for children will lay solid foundations for a happier, confident, more secure and successful future. Give your child the gift that will enrich their lives and help them to manage scholastic, social and family situations with grace and greater self-assurance. 

The British Protocol Academy courses gives your children a positive framework from which to establish their view of the world; a sense of pride, confidence and consideration that will help them to feel positive and secure in every situation. 

Subject covered and Benefit:

    • Socially polite words and language
    • Self-respect & showing Appreciation 
    • The ABCs of Table Manners and Dining 
    • Telephone (and mobile) Etiquette 
    • Social Media Etiquette 
    • Manners at school and other public places
    • Respect and courtesy for adults and others

      School Half term package 

      Duration: 4 x one-hour Zoom sessions, (One hour a session for four days) 
      Date: June 1-4   
      Time: 11am to 12noon 
      Venue: Zoom Session 

Group tuition: £120 per child, second child 50% 

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