Business Etiquette

This course is devoted to the social etiquette, meeting new people and how to introduce yourself, the tips and tricks used by world leaders, businessmen and successful networkers. We always say that you can be the smartest person in the world but if you can’t get along with people you will not become really successful,

There will be dinning element, table manners, cultural enhancement, knowing how to be yourself and when to start speaking, knowing of being subtle and quiet when eating and not drawing attention to yourself by making any noise either by your mouth or your cutlery.

The social etiquette is a wonderful, fun, entertaining and a role play element for you to feel comfortable in any environment you may find yourself.

The programme will be devoted old social and modern manners of social this will include; meeting people and introductions, the tips and tricks used by world leaders, businessmen and successful networkers. There will also be part of dinning etiquette,

Gentleman Buttoning Tuxedo

The programme will have option when it comes to getting a group of friends or business associates together and is successful for enriching friendships and conducting business in a more casual environment.

Not forgetting the power of communication skills. proper correspondence during the programme, this include digital, by voice or written letter show that you understand the correct form and process for invitations, responding, thank you notes, condolences, special communications for any occasion.

You will learn formal and semi-formal dress codes and their application and relevance for men & ladies, how to carry your designer handbag and wear those sunglasses without looking tacky. Your clothes and dress prese

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